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    Import from CSV to a SQL table on a remote server using VBA Access

    Hello All,

    We are migrating to Access 2013 from 2010 and from SQL 2008 to 2016. To import a CSV file, I used the Docmd.TransferText command and that did the import easily as it was to a local access table.

    Now I have issues when trying to import the data from CSV to a remote SQL table. I copied the file to the SQL server box where the 2016 database is and used the below for the transfer.

    str1 = "BULK INSERT Temp3 " & _
    "FROM 'C:\Bulk\FileExchange_Response_49636101_49.csv'" & _

    This does not throw any error however, does not import the data.

    Could anyone please shed any ideas to import the data from the CSV.


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    I haven't used that method, but I assume it's run via a passthrough query? It doesn't appear the spacing will be correct. Try this to see the finished string:

    and test it directly on the server. To my eye it needs a space before WITH.
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    Why not link the remote SQL table back to your Access front-end and use the same method as before?


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