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    Moving to SQL server Back End causes subForms within Main Form to be locked

    Dear Forum,
    I have an Access DB with a main Form containing six subForms which were working fine until I moved the tables out to SQL and made them linked tables within Access.
    Now the subforms display info but I cannot edit or add data within the subforms.
    I have searched and discovered a few solutions but none have yet worked.

    My search has revealed that it has something to do with the key or identity setup in SQL.
    One of the six subforms was linked to a table without a primary key. I added the key and it seemed to work. But the other five already have keys and they do not work.

    Other Details
    I have not modified anything in the setup of the form/subform properties and queries other than the fact that the tables are now linked to SQL. Additionally, I have gone back to test this in the last version of my 'full' Access db (without linked tables) and the forms/subforms worked.

    The main form has a table (linked to SQL) as the Record Source, it is a Dynaset, no Record Locks and allows edits, adds, deletions filters
    The sub forms have a query with one table (linked to SQL) as the record source and the ID for this queried table is the same as the ID on the main form's table which are represented correctly in the 'link Master field' and the 'link child Field' on the same ID, they are enabled and not locked.

    Any further assistance would be appreciated.

    (p.s.) I also posted this in another forum - will not do it again, sorry, I am new
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    Hi, when linking the tables to access, have you correctly identified the PK fields as PK for all the access tables (main and sub tables)? Are the PK fields identity fields? If they were autonumbers in Access the isidentity property in SQL should be set to True.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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