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    I think I have trust issues!

    I have an .accde that runs perfectly on multiple pc's but will not run on one of them. I get on expression click even errors and wherever there is a calculated field such as date() or a lookup to a query value I get #ERROR. If I run the same .accdb file from the network, it works perfectly. It's only when I convert it into .accde and save front-end to the local pc and try to open it - I have the issue.

    I tried trusting the file, the location, etc. but that's not fixing the problem.

    This is an upgrade. It worked previous to this upgrade and I can't think of anything I added or did that would affect this new release. Again, the new release works on many other pc's including a pc that's identical to the one having the problem.

    I'm just hoping someone might have an idea as to what's causing this.

    Thanks in advance!

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    have you looked at it using .accdb?
    Ive seen this exception, and usu something is missing or needing an upgrade. (check VBE, tools, references for MISSING)

    and some PC it wont at all. Could never solve the reason. It just didnt like that PC for some reason.

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    You may have problems with ACCDE files where:
    1. These were made in a later version of Access to the machine with issues. If using Office 365 it may not be immediately obvious that the versions differ.
    2. One machine has 32-bit Access and the other is 64-bit. If so, it will not run at all.
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    Question: Are all computers using the same Windows version?

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