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MS Access 2016 (365) Trouble with establishing many to many Relationships I only get 1 many to many

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    MS Access 2016 (365) Trouble with establishing many to many Relationships I only get 1 many to many

    In the attached document control application I am trying to build a document control register. this program will be used to track documents used in my business. I also want to control versions and keep records of changes made to documents, and track the implementation of the most up to date versions by staff members.

    I have attached Print screens of the Relationship Diagrams that I have built so far to illustrate my problem. As you can see in the diagram I have a documents file, and a comments file that I believe should form two many to many relationships. among others that are attached for departments, sections,and document types.

    My thinking is that I can have many documents that can undergo many changes hence the many to many relationships.
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    A few comments based on a very quick look.
    --Access works best with names that do not contain embedded spaces nor special characters. I'd remove the "#" in your field names -- they will eventually cause syntax issues.
    --Relationships are based on "business facts", they are not arbitrary lines between tables.
    --I recommend you start with a clear description of your intended project in simple, plain English. Then working with pencil and paper, and some sample data and scenarios, create a model and work that model with your sample data and scenarios.
    --Do not be too quick to jump into physical database. This often leads to trial and error -analysis, design, test and refactoring -which can be quite slow and frustrating. Much easier to get a design on paper that you can vet and adjust which results in a blueprint for your tables and relationships.
    --There are free data models at Barry Williams' site - here's a link to a Document Management model. The model is a starting point showing typical set up --you can adjust as you see fit to meet our needs or just get some insight to adjust what you have currently.

    Seems Adobe Illustrator software is needed to open your relationship files? How about just using jpg or png?

    Good luck with your project.

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