The attached is Microsoft's Northwind mdb example.

Things I'd avoid using in the example:

1. Switchboard (design your own Main Menu which doesn't have a recordsource for the MainMenu itself - the form only has buttons which are coded to open other forms. It's not a good idea to have a form that's kept open the most based off of an actual table. Keep the recordsource for your MainMenu blank. It will avoid 'locking' type problems with multiple users (since one user 'sitting' in the MainMenu will eventually lock the corresponding *.ldb file).)

2. Lookup tab for fields - avoid using the Lookup tab for fields. This is often confusing when analyzing data and can make things more difficult versus easier when looking at data in a table. Instead just create a relationship on the Lookup table but avoid using the Lookup tab for joining any fields in a table. Instead, store just the actual number value itself in the field and try not to do anything fancy such as using the Lookup tab to show the corresponding text values. Save this for your queries themselves or just use comboxes on the forms.