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    DCount issue using LIKE operator in the criteria

    I have an unbound report named CustomerData that I am adding text boxes into to calculate certain numbers.

    Within this report, I have a text box named [Text150] that I am using a DCount function in. I need it to show the number of customers within the table named "Customers" that have ordered from me during certain months. I keep that information in a field named [MonthsOrdered] within the same "Customers" table. Since there is possibly more than one month within the [MonthsOrdered] field per customer, I attempted to use a wildcard within the DCount criteria, as well as the LIKE operator, but I cannot find what I'm doing wrong.

    Here is my current function for finding the number of customers who have ordered something in July:

    =Nz(DCount("[CustomerID]","Customers","[Customers]![MonthsOrdered] LIKE '*July*'"),0)

    I think my issue is within the LIKE '*July*' portion, but I've tried different ways of stating it and have not found a solution anywhere. I have also tried changing "[CustomerID]" to simply "*" to no avail.

    I am not new to Access, but I'm entirely self-taught and not a professional Access programmer. Any and all help would be appreciated. This is a mystery I cannot seem to solve on my own.

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    Try =Nz(DCount("[CustomerID]","Customers",Instr([Customers]![MonthsOrdered],"July'")>0),0)


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    I've figured it out! Since I've used a combo box in a form to populate the [MonthsOrdered] field with the different months, the solution was to change the criteria from:

    "[Customers]![MonthsOrdered] LIKE '*July*'"



    Thank you for the fast reply, Vlad!

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    What field type is your monthsordered field? Name implies it should be numeric?

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    if .Value works it is probably a lookup field. That will likely continue to raise issues but what seems odd to me is that you cannot get the month from the orders table? Is there no customer order date that you can simply use Month function on rather than keeping "July" in a customer field? Your design doesn't seem quite right to me.
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