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    Importing and transforming data

    I export data from a system in the format shown in Table 1 (and I cannot change this format).

    In order to import the data into Access I use Excel to transform it to the format shown in Table 2.

    Once in Access, I then update each record with additional fields (SubGroup1 etc), as shown in Table 3.

    I would like to avoid having to transform the data. So two questions:

    1. Is there a way I can import the data in Table 1 format into a format in Access that I can then manipulate?

    2. When I'm importing data into Access, can I use a run-time prompt for the data, which then becomes a field in my target Access table?

    Any advice on this would be gratefully received.
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    Where is data imported from? Can you set a link to that data? Are the product columns always the same?

    Access can manipulate the Table1 structure.

    A UNION query can rearrange Table1 data to Table2 structure.

    Popup prompts are difficult to validate user input. Best to have users enter data into a textbox on form and code refer to that control.
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    On top of what June has said, I see a bunch of other issues here. It appears as though your exported data is the product of a crosstab query or the source data structure is bad and this is going to cause you grief over time. For instance, what is your product name changes, even by 1 character, all your history will be useless to you. Same thing for the site descriptions. I agree with June also on pop up prompts. Far better to do your import first, then go back and fill the data as necessary. Or better yet, if it's logically possible to calculate your subgroup1 and subgroup2 based on the data in the import I would do that instead.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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