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    Macro to search firstname and last name in Google


    I have a form that include firstname and lastname fields. I would like to create a button that will automatically put the two words together (i.e. Sam Jones) and then search for the name (along with the words Simpson Electric) in Google. My hope is that my web browser will automatically open and the search results will show.

    Thank you so much, in advance, for your help!


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    there are several ways to do it and a google search should show many different ways.(punn intended) You can save results to a table or just launch a browser filled in with the criteria.

    to launch in a browser, you need to run something like below.
    you would concatenate your name fields and use it in the search criteria.

    Dim strName as string
    strName = Me.YourFirstNameField & " " & Me.YourLastNameField 
    Application.FollowHyperlink "" & strName  & " Simpson Electric"

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    Thank you very, very much! That worked perfectly!


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