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Syntax Error (missing operator) in query expression

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    Syntax Error (missing operator) in query expression

    I am doing a search button that displays the record based on on my data in a table called Stock_Master.
    The Stock_Master Data Type are

    Product_Id = Number
    Category = Text
    Type = Text
    Size = Text
    Total_Quantity = Number

    The following are my VBA code for the button:

    Dim strsearch As String
    Dim strText As String

    strText = Me.StockMasterSize.Value
    strsearch = "select * from Stock_Master where ((Size like " & strText & "))"
    Me.RecordSource = strsearch (highlithe when debug)

    End Sub

    However, the error-code appears when I search for the data 1 Lt in the textbox and clicked the button that is:

    Syntax Error (missing operator) in query expression '((size like 1 Lt))'

    I used similar coding for another search button and it worked but not this.

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    If it is a text value (which it is), it needs to be surrounded in quotes, i.e.
    strsearch = "select * from Stock_Master where Size like '" & strText & "'"
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    Note that "Size" and "Type" are reserved words in Access and shouldn't be used for object names.

    See for a list of reserved words.
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