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Invalid Use Of Null

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    Invalid Use Of Null

    I have the following codes for my data from the table Stock_Master

    Stock_Master table has

    Product_ID = Number
    Category = Text
    Type = Text
    Size = Text
    Total_Quantity = Number
    Min_Req = Number

    And this is my coding for a button that is aimed to open a report based on the search criteria I have done.

    StrText = Me.StockMasterSearch
    strsearch = "select * from Stock_Master where ((Product_ID like " & StrText & "))"

    DoCmd.OpenReport "Customer_Search_Report", acViewPreview, strsearch

    However, I received an

    Run-Time Error '94'
    Invalid Use Of Null.

    What is wrong??

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    The Filter name argument of OpenReport only has the WHERE clause of the SQL code (without the word WHERE).
    You have a whole Query statement.
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