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    Question Trouble importing .txt file without a header row (first row is skipped upon import)

    Hi all,

    I have a fairly basic .txt file that I'm trying to import into my database. To start, I do what I normally do and select (in MS Access) External Data | Text File
    After selecting the .txt file that I'm importing, I selected the "Delimitted" method since all of the fields on the .txt file are separated by the "|" delimitter.
    Then, I clicked the "Advanced" button to create an Import Specification based upon the field names in the table that this file will be imported into.
    The issue I'm running into is that there is no header row on the .txt file - the first row on the file is literally the first record that should be imported.
    I've confirmed that the "First Row Contains Column Names" option is unchecked when I save the Import Specification. So in theory, it shouldn't be skipping that first row under the assumption that it's a header row.. but it still does nonetheless.

    I found another thread about this same issue, but haven't yet stumbled upon a solution other than manually importing it. My intent though is to have the file import upon clicking a button in a form - the OnClick event behind the button links to a VBA procedure which uses the DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim method, in which I'd also reference the corresponding Import Specification. I'm already doing something like this for other .txt files - but this is the first one I've run into where there's no header row on the .txt file itself, and thus it's skipping over that row while importing it. :-\

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    the docmd.transfertext has a switch for 'has field names', if you don't explicitly set that to false it will assume you do.


    docmd.transfertext acimportdelim, "specname", "tablename", "filename", FALSE

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    The last post in the link you posted explains how to fix the problem.

    In the mean time, have you considered just adding a blank line at the top of the txt file? Don't know how many files you have to import of how often, but is would/could be a quick fix temporarily.
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