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    Month Day only for grouping in a report

    Good afternoon, I am attempting to create a report based on birthdates. In my table, my DateBirthday format for the employee is mm/dd, Input mask is 99/99;;_. This will result in 04/25 without the year. The employees do not want others knowing their age. When I use the create a report and group so that all the birthdays for the month of Jan, Feb, Mar are all grouped according to their month, I get the months repeated over and over. It appears access is giving the dates a year. Thus, giving the repeated months over the years (Jan 2018 and Jan 2019 ect.). How can I get the report to show all the employees in the moth of Jan to group together not based on the year? ??default the year to 2050???? at a loss on this one. Any help would be appreciated.

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    If you input into a date/time field then Access will assume a year. Then you will have to use formatting to prevent the year component display. The grouping value does not have to be displayed. Format textbox for what you want to show.
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