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Create an event calendar

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    Create an event calendar

    I have a db containing a table wit event name, event date, start time, stop time and presenter. I am searching for a way to create a monthly calendar with this information

    If searched the other forums and web sites and found little to no help. I have look at the interface from access to outlook and publisher but find nothing that I feel will give me a clean calendar
    with the four lines of text I need. Surely someone has had this issue before and found a way to accomplish the task. I would appreciate any thoughts or help.

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    There are plenty of examples on this forum ( see bottom of this thread for a number of suggestions) and elsewhere so before wasting time suggesting things you have already dismissed as not what you want, suggest you provide an example of something that is close and explain why it does not meet your needs. That will at least enable us to focus on something specific.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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