Hello and good day to everyone !

I am a beginner in Access and i am facing a problem :
I've made 3 mails thanks to MicrosoftWord mail merge option that automatically switch the name and many other things depending on who's the recipient.
the microsoftword mails i've made are dependant on my Access database.
the mails i've written can be split into 3 categories,one for new clients,one for clients of wich the payment of subscription is due in Xdays,and thoses who aren't suscribed anymore.
Now here's where the trouble began : i've made a form in Access with every information concerning my clients (email,tel number,adress...),created next and previous button to pass between clients and a close form button,now i am wondering if i could create a single button wich spawns a window in wich i could select one of the 3 Words documents (wich will merge depending on the recipient selected in access) and have it sent by outlook.
if it isn't possible like in the layout i've tried to make and wich is in attachements,could it be possible to do the same thing but instead of a single buttons popping out a select file window, 3 bouttons each one linked to a wordfile and to outlook.
Thanks in advance for beginner friendly explanations and how-to's
ps:im sorry if my request contain faults since i am and ETL.(english third language)
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