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    Command Button Hover Forecolor Not Working

    I think I've found a bug, but maybe someone can point me to a fix.

    When a command button is anchored bottom left the hover forecolor settings doesn't work. IF you go into design view then back to form view it will work, but when you close and reload the form it doesn't work again. I've attached an example.

    Any ideas on a fix?

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    Looked at your db. Opened form. The forecolor does change for me - for both buttons.
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    Perhaps it's a access '16 bug. Looks like I'm running version 16.0.11328.20146

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    I'm using 16.0.1131.20164 32 bit.
    Opened, tried
    closed/opened, tried
    opened design, closed/opened tried
    opened design, switched to form view and tried
    all with no problem

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