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    Question Digitally sign accdr application

    Can anyone provide guidance on how best to digitally sign an accdr application that is distributed to to multiple users? I am not looking for self-signed certificate solutions, I need something that will allow the app to run without security warnings and restrictions wherever it's installed. Looking for some pointers on what type of certificate, where to get it and how to apply this to my accdr app.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I purchased a code signing certicate for use when packaging my applications as EXE files for distribution via my website.
    Mine is from Comodo but these can also be obtained from Verisign and other providers.
    There are 2 versions designed to remove most/all of the security warnings when you install files from the Internet.
    Cost approx. 100-300 GBP per year.

    I also add code to the installation file to set trusted locations etc which solves the problems with Access security warnings.

    Now in theory I should be able to apply that certificate in Access itself. Indeed there is provision to do so in the VBE.
    HOWEVER IT DOESN'T WORK. You cannot add a security certificate to ACCDB files. I've tried it more than once and always unsuccessfully.
    Phillip Stiefel has written about it in detail at
    Colin (Mendip Data Systems) : Website, email
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    Thank you Collin, much appreciated.

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