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    Sub form not closing when I click on the New record button


    With the help of this forum members I have been able to create a database and forms to enter the data into the database.
    In my form there are 2 sub-forms.
    Based on the selection of combo box value, corresponding sub form opens.

    Title:- "F&I Manager" then sub-form 1 opens.
    Title:- "Sales Manager" then sub-form 2 opens.

    My problem here is, when I finish entering data once and click on the new record button in the bottom left corner, My sub-form doesn't close.
    Attached is the code for the form and sub forms.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Kinda confusing. You're calling a routine that makes 2 subforms visible, or not. Nowhere do you code to close a subform, yet you say you want one to close. Your IF on the variable "Title" looks incomplete as well. How is this determined, as I see no evidence of how the code makes that decision? In the current event, you make title "", yet in the sub you don't check for "". Nor do you pass the title value to the sub, even if it is "". Maybe explain more about what's supposed to happen when, and why.

    Note - it's far easier for us if you post nicely indented code within code tags rather than a picture. To make significant re-writes, we have to write everything out when we could be copying text. Thanks.
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    In the current event you're calling the sub before setting the combo to "", so the previous value is still there. Set the combo first.
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    My problem here is, when I finish entering data once and click on the new record button in the bottom left corner, My sub-form doesn't close.
    Try something like:
    Private sub Form_Current()
        if me.newrecord then
            call ShowSubform
            exit sub
        end if

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