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    Need advice on linking remote offices back to main office

    Hi, I'm using Access that comes with Office 365. I have a customer that has a main office and three remote offices. The three remote offices will have an Access front-end database that I would like to link back to the Access back-end database at the main office. I know I could output new data at each remote office to an Excel spreadsheet format and have it emailed to the main office and then imported into the back-end, (through code on a main office front-end form). That doesn't seem to be the best way and although I can automate several of the steps, it is still steps that I would like to eliminate. If their entries could be made directly into a table(s) that are accessed by the main office, that's a much better way. I thought I saw something about being able to use SharePoint that comes with Office 365 and essentially store some tables in SharePoint that could be accessed by the main office and remote offices. Is this a web database?

    I'm looking for advice and documentation on how others have addressed something like this. The remote office's inputs are fairly small but they occur on a daily basis.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Access is not a good web database.
    But you can link in the other database via networking. Your Network admin could create server paths to each office and the given folder where the db is.
    Then you can link the db as an external table.
    (or SharePoint too)

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    or look to use terminal services/citrix at a cost.

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