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    Do not save "Form" when either closed or Clicked anywhere except "Save Button".

    Do not save data in table which is entered in form when "Form" is closed with "close" button, How to avoid it?
    We can not give restriction to table(Required:Yes) since we have to use subform data in form.

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    Its automatic save so users don't have to think about it and you want to turn it off and give them more work to do?

    youd need to make a form unbound ,with all textboxes unbound.
    user enters all the data, then when they click save, run an append query to add all the boxes to the table.

    more work for you too to design it since the normal autosave form can be created with 1 click of a button.

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    You can also load a copy of a record in a temp table and if the user closes the form, either prompt to save (update the source table with the changed data and delete that temp record) or just delete the temp record - your choice. If you don't want to allow changes based on how a user closes a form, easier to lock the record so that it can't be updated or remove the form close button and only provide your own buttons.
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    Thank You..Its working.

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