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Synchronise Access and Lightning calendar

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    Synchronise Access and Lightning calendar

    I have a schedule of appointments that I need to keep in an Access database (because I need to link it to other stuff in the database, which is related to one of my jobs) and also in my Thunderbird Lightning calendar (since I need a general calendar for all of my jobs).
    At the moment, I have to enter every appointment into both of these, and keep them synchronised by hand. This is not ideal.

    Can anyone recommend a good way to keep my Access data and my Lightning calendar synchronised? All suggestions, including radical ones, much appreciated!
    I am using Microsoft Office 365 on my home computer.
    The calendar is stored on the cloud at (it works similar to gmail), and published/synchronised to my Thunderbird application on my home computer.

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    outlook is very good for synchronisation with access. you can directly import jobs to outlook/manage outlook tables.

    Would this be an option for you?


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    Thanks for the suggestion, Andy. I'm not very keen on transferring my calendar set-up from Thunderbird Lightning, which works so nicely, to Outlook, but maybe it would be worth it.

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