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Finding the names and number time The person check-in after me

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    Finding the names and number time The person check-in after me

    hello everyone just need a little help not sure if will be done on a query or VDA.

    Let say i have 5 employees (A, B, C, D, E) and everytime they check-in their name will appear on the field name ”Checkin_Name”

    Question: is there a way to find our who check in after me and how many time after me?

    Appreciate the help

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    Q1 : youd run a query (or filter) to find your name/time, and sort everything after.

    the form would have a combo box to show all employees, user pick from,

    after picking Emp, the Date combo box would fill with that persons times, pick that
    combo query: select DateTime from table where [emp]=forms!myform!cboEmp sort Desc

    then open the query: docmd.OpenQuery "qsEmpDateRecs"

    it looks like:
    select * from table where [DateStamp]>=forms!myform!cboDate

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