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    Hyperlink to open web browser

    I have a form with proper link to URL, when I hover the mouse over the link it changes to hands but when I click over it the access doesn't open the browser,
    However if I copy and paste it directly to browser address bar it works so the address is ok, is it a browser security setting or I am not doing it properly
    Any suggestions


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    I copy and paste it directly to browser address bar it works so the address is ok,
    Then I have to assume the link is a text field in your table because in Access, such links are wrapped in # as in #www.somewebpage#
    It should be a hyperlink field, and your macro/code should be using FollowHyperLink method when clicked on. Plus the form field should be set to hyperlink type in form property sheet.

    Some say that hyperlink fields are more trouble than they're worth and that you should just use the follow method on a text field.
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