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    Count numer of record in query using distinct and count

    Hello i am trying to use the 2 DISTICT and COUNT together in the same query, which i use to count the number of records presents in db, but can t get
    I am able to use the distinct to eliminate DUPLICATE recors, but when try to use count somehting go wrong
    So at the moment i have to build another query that count hte 1 query
    I have the query DATETQ2
    SELECT DISTINCT date_trattamenti.ID, anagrafica.SESSO
    FROM anagrafica INNER JOIN date_trattamenti ON anagrafica.Id = date_trattamenti.ID
    GROUP BY date_trattamenti.ID, anagrafica.SESSO, date_trattamenti.dal
    HAVING (((anagrafica.SESSO) Like "Femmina") AND ((date_trattamenti.dal) Between #1/30/2018# And #12/30/2018#));
    that acccording to those date(later i ll make them variabile), select
    all the user that has been treated during that period selected for sex, male and female, in this case Female (anagrafica.SESSO) Like "Femmina)
    There are 2 table, one is Date_trattamenti with ID, FROM,TO, the last 2 are the date of start and end of treatment
    The other table is ANAGRAFICA, with detail of the patient

    Now with th e previous query i count all the female tretaed oin that range of time

    I want to count them in the same Query instead of using another query to do
    SELECT Count(dateTQ.ID) AS ConteggioDiID
    FROM dateTQ;

    how can i do that?
    thanks a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by orange View Post
    You may get some ideas from the link on Counting distinct records with MS Access.
    ihave tried thoe options but don t know why for me don t work

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    i have solved
    checked carefully the syntax and it is fine
    Thanks a lot

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