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    Learn MSAccess by playing MSAccess Jeopardy

    Attached is a fun MSAccess Jeopardy game I created a couple of years ago where you can learn about MSAccess Tables, Forms, Queries, Modules, Macros, Reports, Comboboxes, Tabs, Labels, and General MSAcccess stuff by playing MSAccess Jeopardy. It keeps track of your high scores and you can play against 2 randomly selected computer opponents.

    Fully customizable where you can manipulate the buzz timer allowed to answer the questions, the skill levels of any computer opponents (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced), add new computer opponents with different skill levels, pick certain categories a specific computer oponent likes the best, and other settings such as probabilities the computer opponents will answer correctly (and how fast they will buzz in against you). You can even adjust these settings in the middle of a game. You can make it so either of the computer opponents (or both) are always correct or give them a 50/50, 75/25 or any other odds you want that they will be correct. You can again, add new computer opponents giving them any name you want or remove ones so you can always play against tough or easy opponents. The computer opponents also have a random factor where they might 'second-guess' the answer they're going to give sometimes to make it more interesting (you'll see a message box appear that the computer is thinking through a better answer.)

    You can also make this a tutorial for any subject (not just MSAccess), entering your own Title of the Subject Game and enter your own questions, answers and $ amounts.

    It randomly creates the categories every time it plays adjusting the $100 to $500 questions and which answer is correct (ie. A, B, C or D so it's never the same game twice) or you can set your own $ amounts/add new questions to expand with new categories. The correct answer will be shown if answered incorrectly and you can make it so the computer opponents are easy or tough to play against (it randomly selects 2 new component oponents each new game ranging from whatever skill levels you want to play against.)

    You can set it up so you have a limited amount of time to answer or unlimited amount of time when buzzing in. It's currently set to unlimited amount of time when buzzing in so you can take your time thinking about the possible answers displayed after clicking the "*** Buzz ***" button. (the only thing is that the computer will not select is the next question when they answer correctly - you must select the $ amount/category each time.)

    Included is a 2000 and XP version of the mdb file so you can modify/look at the coding if need be (I just ask that you leave me with the credits in the code and on the Main Menu if modifying it.)

    Note: Not tested with MSAccess 2007 or 2010 but it should work ok. Feedback if you like it or not is welcomed.

    *** If the MSAccess file doesn't open, make sure to add this website to your intranet security in IE before downloading to then be able to open any MSAccess files within a zip download.

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    OMG, that was awesome!

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    Hi. How can I get a copy of the .zip file? I would like to modify your game to utilize at work. Thanks so much.


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    I don't see where the download is?


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    Couldnt find the attachment...

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