Hi everyone. I am connected with Fox pro ODBC and due to performance issues I have to do a passthrough query

I am not familiar with the way to write the commands but have managed to do a simple update query that works

This is how it looks in the graphical window:
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When viewed in the SQL-window it shows as: UPDATE artrad SET artrad.pris_st_v = [artrad]![pris_st_v]*1.05;

A small modification made it work when doing it as a passthrough query =>

UPDATE artrad SET pris_st_v = pris_st_v*1.05;

Now, i need to have some more conditions. If I set up the query in access with the conditions needed it looks like this in the graphical window

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and translates to this in SQL: UPDATE (artrad INNER JOIN avtal ON artrad.doknr = avtal.doknr) INNER JOIN oof ON (avtal.typ = oof.doktyp) AND (artrad.doknr = oof.doknr) SET artrad.pris_st_i = [artrad]![pris_st_v]*1.05
WHERE (((oof.makul)=False) AND ((oof.a_avslutad)=False) AND ((avtal.slutdat)>#12/27/2018#));

How do i have to modify this code for it to work with fox-pro passthrough?

// Hans