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    Validation Rule

    ok, Hello I'm new here - & I am having problems with 'validation' of some fields.

    I have a Table 'E.Customers' & my Primary key (S.ID) is a '15 digit number'.
    So, I have use 'Text' as Data Type.
    Field Size: 15 & I have use a 'Validation Rule': (Like "???????????????")

    My validation Rule is not completed since I also want to prevent 'letters'/'Unicode Characters'.
    if this is something possible to do - Can someone help me please ?

    If there exists some useful Guides on 'Expression Builder' in Access, a link would greatly help me. :?

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    Have you tried using a Social Security 'input mask'? It's one of the properties for a text field in a table.

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    ok thx, the Social Security 'input mask' works fine..

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