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    Crosstab Query Question


    I am fairly new to access and am trying to create a report that pulls in the top 20 vendors descending by the sum of their expenses (shown) over 3 years.

    The table has all the $ for all the vendors for every year.

    I need something along the lines of:

    2008 2009 2010 SUM
    V1 15 15 14 '08-10
    V2 13 15 14 '08-10
    V3 12 13 13 '08-10
    V4 10 10 7 '08-10

    Please be very explicit with what I should do. Normally I use design mode... but simple copy paste SQL never hurts too!


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    Assume the table like this:
    table name: tbl
    fields: vendorname text(50),
    year long,
    expense currency

    Use following query as data source of your report:
    Query1: SumExp: select top 20 vendor,sum(expense) as sumExpense from tbl group by vendor order by sum(expense) desc

    Query2: top20detail: select tbl.* from tbl inner join sumexp on tbl.vendor=sumexp.vendor

    Query3: result: TRANSFORM Sum(tbl.expense) AS SumOfexpense
    SELECT tbl.Vender, Sum(tbl.expense) AS SumOfexpense1
    FROM tbl GROUP BY tbl.Vender PIVOT tbl.year;

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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