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    Question Access Not Prompting for SQL Login Credentials

    Heya everyone,

    I recently migrated my Access back end over to an Azure SQL Database. I relined the tables using the ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server, I did not save the password.

    I expected Access to prompt for an SQL login however, the connection fails for other users. Windows authentication is currently not support on Azure SQL, they do support active directory. The server management tool allows for login with integrated active directory, does anyone know of something similar I can do to pass the active directory login info along with the connection?

    If not, I could make a form the prompts the user for their domain password and uses the as part of the connection string but I'm not overly familiar with opening a SQL connection in VBA.

    Would anyone be able to shed some insight on the best practice here?

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    wouldn't this be an Azure SQL Database question, instead of Access?
    (on connecting Azure to SQL)

    can you just skip Azure and connect to the SQL with pass? (or without)

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    Hi, just create a user group in the active directory and add this group to your SQL database security with the proper rights. Add all users that need access to your database to this group.

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