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    Dcount function with multiple criteria

    Dear Friends,
    I'm trying to use de function Dcount with two different criterias (date and user_name) in order to count the number of records in my db. I tryed something like this :

    cont = DCount("*", "table_cad_cursos", "[description] = '" & txt_description & "' AND [date] = ' " & Date & "' ")

    but it keeps returning the error 3464. I reckon that the problem is in the second part of the criteria, maybe something about the format of the Date function.

    Any suggestion ?

    Thank you very much

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    Date parameters use # delimiter instead of apostrophe. Don't put a space after the delimiter.

    Date is a reserved word. Should not use reserved words as names for anything.

    You only want to count records for the current Date?
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