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    Combine information from 2 sources into one entry

    To clarify, one table is "Purchase Order" and one table is "Orders". I'm wanting to pull all parts for a specific time period and add them to the PO automatically.

    Part Order Qty
    PP-0001 12345 16
    PP-0001 23456 54
    PP-0001 34567 2
    PP-0085 12345 100

    I'm trying to figure out if I can automatically add the parts, sum the qty, then insert the order information so the line would read in each field the part, summed qty, and notes would show "12345, 23456, 34567".
    I have been manually adding the order information to the notes field and using InStr >0 to pull the information from the orders table for reports. Thanks in advance for the help. I hope I'm explaining it right.

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    It appears there are some things in your "business" that are missing from this post. We usually see Customer, Product/Item tables in addition to Orders. When PurchaseOrder is involved, there is often a Supplier as well. I recommend you tell us more about the business in plain English.
    Here is a link to lots of info on Database Planning and Design that you may find helpful.

    Good luck.

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    And it would help if you could post your dB with a few example records (change any sensitive data).
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