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    Unhappy Access SQL update query truncating comments (long text -> short text) [Access 2016]

    When I run a sql update query to update a comments field in a table from a import sheet, it truncates the comment to 255 characters even though both of the relevant fields in each table are set to long text.

    It's almost as if they're converting the text to short text in the update. I have checked before the update and there were indeed specific entries where a comment had far more than 255 characters that became truncated to 255 after the update.

    The code looks like this:

    Update table AS T 
    Inner Join import_sheet AS I
    ON T.Key = I.Key
    T.field1 = I.field1
    T.field2 = I.field2
    T.user = 'user1' Or
    T.user = 'user2' Or
    Any idea on what's going on and how I can work around this issue if it's not fixable?

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    this has long been the bane of Access users. You'd think mSoft would have corrected it long ago, but no.
    I think the only way I managed to get all characters in a long text, was to export directly from the table.
    Queries always truncated.

    I dont know how an update to a memo field can be done, since its a query.
    Google this. there may be a workaround.

    (thanks Microsoft)

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    Oh dear...

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    I don't think the previous response was very helpful
    There are lots of reasons why long text / memo fields can get truncated but if you are aware of the reasons, you should be able to solve your problem.
    Allen Browne has a very detailed answer here:
    When you read that article, I expect it will make sense as to why the issue hasn't been fixed 'globally'

    Good luck and don't despair
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