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    sample of controlling warehouses and sales men

    this This project is based on car's sales man as a warehouse
    access 2007
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    Hi ayamnash

    You also posted this at AWF where I had a quick look at it.
    IMO, sample databases should be examples of good practice/design and/or innovative uses of databases

    I'm sorry for being critical but:
    - The project doesn't compile
    - Each form uses a different 'style' and some controls are partly obscured by others
    - The layout is in my opinion such that it distracts from purpose rather than assists

    It would also be a good idea to explain its purpose and function.
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    I moved your post in the AWF forum Sample Database section to the General section and provided the following:

    Please provide more info on this project in plain simple English. Readers can't guess what your project is about nor do we have any knowledge of you, your environment etc.

    Without a description of your business facts, nobody can comment on the "relationships" you have in your database

    The same comment applies here in this forum. You have to provide more info and some context for anyone to help you.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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