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Report to List Multiple Items

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    Report to List Multiple Items


    Hopefully I can explain this correctly....

    I am trying to create a report from a Query based on two tables.

    Table 1, being the main table called tbl Change Notes
    Table 2, being the secondary table called tbl Change Details

    Change Notes table captures information for a particular change that is being requested with the following details being captured:

    • CN_ID
    • CN_No
    • DateOriginated
    • DocumentAffected
    • IssueNo
    • RequestedBy
    • ChangeReason
    • AuthorisedBy
    • AuthorisedDate
    • ImplementationDate
    • IssuedBy
    • Comment
    • Authorised

    Change Note Details is a table that captures a list of items that have been changed within the Change Note table.

    These are the fields:

    • ChangeID
    • CN_ID
    • Details of Change
    • ChangeType

    What I want to do, but can't get to work:

    I would like to create a report that is one record per page. I want the report to display all the details from the Change Notes table and then have a section where it lists the Change Note Details (this can be multiple items).

    I have managed to create a report and it is almost how I want it, but I cannot figure out how to get the report to list the multiple items? It only seems to list on item?

    Does that make sense?

    Here is an example of the report with the fields inserted and highlighting the area where I am struggling:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    the report will be bound to Table1,
    in the detail area, you put a subreport box,
    this will have the table/query for Table2

    set the subrpt properties:

    The REASON FOR CHANGE boxes ,(and all data under it ) go under the SubRpt box.

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    A subreport might not be required if report Sorting & Grouping is used in design. Set a GROUPING on Table1 CN_ID and put Table1 fields in group header and footer. Put Table2 fields in Details section. Set report to force new page after Group footer. Downside is will likely get a blank page at end.
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