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Import from old Dbase

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    Import from old Dbase

    I'm trying to import from an old Dbase file and if I try to import from file I get an "Out of memory" error and if I set it up via ODBC, I get the message that I can't use dBase via ODBC. I have no issues importing in Excel or Open Office Base. Anybody come across that issue ? I suspect that it maybe an older format than Access is expecting, but I see no settings when importing.

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    you must have the correct dBase ODBC driver.
    can you export dBase to xl , then to access?

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    Do you know anyone that has an A2000, A2007 or A2010 version? I can still link to a dBase file in A2010.
    If you still have a dBase program, export the data to a csv (txt) file, then import the to A2016.
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    depends on the version of access you have

    MS dropped support for dbase with 2013 but restored it for 2016. See this link - you may need to install some updates

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