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    MS Access on a NAS server


    I have an MS Access application which has to be used by different users at the same time.
    As the application is now on Dropbox, simultaneous use will cause synchronisation problems
    Before I go ahead to buy a NAS server, I want to be sure if my Access application will be usable for different users
    at the same time when it is place on the NAS server.

    Thank you for your feedback and comments.

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    Multi-user database should be split. Each user runs their own copy of frontend. This is a common topic.
    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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    You need to clarify whether you mean a Network Attached Storage device or a Network Access Server and also whether is connected via a LAN or internet. If you mean Network Attached Storage and it is connected to your LAN then providing users have been granted the appropriate read/write permissions they should be able to access the back end in the same way as if it was on your standard network file server - as June says, the db should be split, the back end on the NAS and front ends on users machines. However I would still recommend you talk to the device suppliers to verify this is possible.

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    my Database backend sits on a Qnap nas box, and works very well indeed.
    as has already been mentioned you will need to assign the correct permissions to the folder that is holding your backend tables just as you would if it was located on a Windows PC or Windows server for example
    the other benefit the NAS may bring if it has the facility is the ability to allow VPN connections, this way you could be in a physically different location to your backend table and it still works, its slower granted but workable dependant on your broadband connection of course


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