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    one to one relations

    Good morning everybody, I'm a newbie, struggling with this:

    • I have a huge set of data (fields never used anywhere else!only one shot!)
    • these data have to be populated by different employees so, in order to:
      • reduce a sinle huge table
      • authorize each employee to populate a different mask
    I think the solution is a few "one to one relations" (each with the set of data that the single employees has to manage.

    my problem is how to create in access 2007 a one to one relation
    actually I do create it, but it does not work?
    how can I populate data?
    If I check integrity I can' add a field in nor of the 2 tables!
    each one says that cannnot add a filed because the other one hasn't any record related to (ad a dog that bites itself tail!)
    whereas with no check for integrity I can add a record in the secondary table that I can open inside the primary, BUT I can't see it anymore when I open the table again. Nor I can't see any record added..
    I can't see it inside the secondary table, wherease it's actually added to the secondary table, if I open this table separately the added record exists!
    how can I populate and manage a one to one relation???
    or there is some other solution (without having to write a loooong code... :-O)

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    I'm assuming tht you're saying that each employee is assigned their own specific records. You can do this programatically. Without knowing a great deal about what you're working with, the basic setup would be that you would create an employee's table and have a unique identifer in the table such as an auto-number and set is as your primary key In your records table you would create a employee id field (Numeric data type) and set a one to many relationship between your employee's table and records table.

    You can then use your employee's table as a record source in a form and then your data table as a record source in another form, which would be used as a sub-form in the form that has the employee information.

    If I knew more details, I could provide you more specifics.

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    more concrete description

    many thanks for your swift answer!
    actually I'm not sure about the english terms with which explain the main need:
    an "order" (not meaning a purchase order but a group pf activities, a plant , a job), I call it a "job"
    there are sets of dates related to each "job"
    • a group of dates A (eg when the documentA has been delivered, the document B has been signed etc), plus others data
    • a group of dates B (..
    • ..
    an employee has to register the group of dates and fields A, another B etc
    then the aim is this:
    • produce a report that shows the dates in which the procedure of each document has been fulfilled
    • produce alert that advise each employee that is approaching a date in which he will have to deliver documents or post a request etc
    it's a bureucratic procedure and we have to register the dates that grants that the proceudre has been followed correctly and have alert that help the guys to work

    I hope it's quite clear..
    Bianca (from Italy :-) )

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