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    Lightbulb How to bind Microsoft access program with specific machine

    I have an access program that I need to sell to others.
    Before giving the program to any body, I need to bind the version I will give to the client with his specific machine, in order to prevent his version from opening form any other machines.

    How to perform this security issue?

    Free security solutions are preferred, If not found then not free solutions.

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    youd need the PC ID given in advance. Encode it to read it at startup.
    Then compile the frontend into an accde so users can bypass the code.

    This may work to get the ID:
    sub CheckID()
    if CpuID <> "abcde" then 
      msgbox "Invalid PC"
    end if
    end sub
    Public Function CpuId() As String
    Dim computer As String
    Dim wmi As Variant
    Dim processors As Variant
    Dim cpu As Variant
    Dim cpu_ids As String
        computer = "."
        Set wmi = GetObject("winmgmts:" & _
            "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & _
            computer & "\root\cimv2")
        Set processors = wmi.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_Processor")
        For Each cpu In processors
            cpu_ids = cpu_ids & ", " & cpu.ProcessorId
        Next cpu
        If Len(cpu_ids) > 0 Then cpu_ids = Mid$(cpu_ids, 3)
        CpuId = cpu_ids
    End Function

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    Thanks, could be useful.

    Deepak Gupta

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    Creating an unique activation code for each PC is part of my security challenge thread at

    It includes the CPU ID but also several other items unique to that PC
    Because this is written as a challenge, I can't give you the code. You will need to do the challenge to get the code
    Colin (Mendip Data Systems) : Website, email
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