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    Question Sum Text Box Value from Report Detail

    I have a text box in the detail section of a report, and it's named txtDiff (and its control source is the subtraction of two other fields in the detail). It works fine, and I simply want to sum it in the Page Footer or Report Footer. So I added a new text box with a control source of
    . But when I run the report, I get an Enter Parameter Value for txtDiff. I've tried the following:
    • Moved it to the Page Footer from the Report Footer--doing this removes the Enter Parameter Value pop-up, but the field still evaluates to an #Error.
    • Added the full report reference to the control source (
      =Sum(Reports! ... ![txtDiff])
    • Played around with Nz formula, as some of the difference values may have come up as blank/null.

    Nothing seems to work. Is there a trick to summing a report text box that isn't tied to a specific field in the underlying query?

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    You can't sum a calculated control. Either move the calculation to the report's source query so it becomes a field that can be summed, or sum the calculation in the report footer:

    =Sum(Field1 - Field2)
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