Hi everyone,

This is my first post so my apologies if my forum etiquette isn't the best!

I've created a database for my business and it's been working perfectly. I have reports for invoices & quotes that I print to PDF, using 'Microsoft Print to PDF'. I know Access can export directly to PDF, but the reports have images and the quality is better using the print method rather than the export method. As I run a graphic design agency I'm fussy about the image quality.

The problem I'm having is that I wanted to change the layout of the reports in Design View, but since making the changes I can no longer print them, I get the error:
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The problem happens with the 'Microsoft Print to PDF' printer, and two actual printers.
I made copies of the reports before making the changes, and through trial and error I have found that if I move fields and/or change text I can still print the reports as normal, but if I change the font size I get the error when printing. If I change the font size and then change it back to what is was previously the error remains, and so far I have found nothing to get the reports printing once the error has appeared. I basically have to delete the copy, and make a new copy of the original to try again.

If anyone is able to shed some light it would be really appreciated, changing the font size seems a strange thing to cause this error, so I presume something else is changing behind the scenes??

I'm using Access 2013 as part of Office Professional Plus 2013, on Windows 10 Pro.

Thank you in advance!!