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    Question Can't find what's wrong with my list box used in my table

    Hi! I have two tables: Clients and Jobs. I am trying to work with a list box within the table Jobs. The list comes from the other table, Clients​.

    The problem is that
    sometimes I just don't get to make a query that shows just one of the clients. That is, I have Client1, Client2, Client3 etc. I have a field also named Client in the other table (Jobs). It works to insert records into the table Jobs, but when I try a query, sometimes it works, but many times it doesn't.

    For instance: I want a query showing all the records of Client 3 and I know Client3 is present at the table Jobs, but the query doesn't show anything.

    What in the world am I doing wrong? This is driving me crazy!!! What are the details I must observe carefully so I can get a query out of a table with a list box? Thanks!

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    if you mean, select Client3 in the list box, and open the query to see his data?,
    Then the listbox would have 2 columns: clientID, ClientName
    the listbox MUST be bound to col1 (clientID above example) or else it wont find it in tJobs.

    the query:
    select * from tJobs where [clientID]=forms!myForm!listBox

    is this the scenario?

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    Provide the SQL statement of attempted query.

    As ranman shows, reference a control on form to input filter criteria. This control (listbox or combobox) would be UNBOUND.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lbcarvalho View Post
    Hi! I have two tables: Clients and Jobs. I am trying to work with a list box within the table Jobs.

    Do you
    mean in table design view you are trying to set up a "List Box/Combo box"?
    If Yes,

    See: The
    Evils of Lookup Fields in Tables
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