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    Having text appearing automacticly next to numbers in a textbox

    Ok i have a field who represents hours or the square feet, is there a way that next to my let's say 3, the text "hrs" would appear.

    I knew how to do it on excel but not on access

    ex: 2 sqr² or 3 hrs

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    If you were looking to do it via vba, you can add an ubound text box and in the On Current event set the ubound text box to what you want.

    Just replace txtUnbound with whatever you rename it and YourHourFIEld to be the name of the bound field that has the hours.

    Me.txtUnbound = Me.YourHourField & "hrs"


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    you also need to have two fields. it is not good practice for one field to share two purposes for data

    you should use two, and if always leave one blank depending on what the record's data calls for

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