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    Query returns combinations of values from two tables when I want one result per value.

    I have tables in Access linked to Excel where I enter my data. One of my tables is a list of payees and invoices. One table (my downloaded bank statement) is a list of payees and payments.
    I want to see a result which shows a list of payees (grouped by payee) each followed by a list of invoices and amounts and a list of payments and amounts so I can see who owes me money.

    When I try this Access returns all combinations of invoice amounts and payment amounts which is very unhelpful.

    Can any body advise if there is an easy way round this please.

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    You need to Join (link ) the tables in the query view on the payees from each table.
    This may not be straight forward to do in one query, depending on your data structure, as you will have payees with invoices, without payments, so you will need to perform an left join to show all payees with invoices and any potential payments.

    If you get stuck, I would post up some sample data, what you have in each table , and what you expect to see as a result.
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