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    code to validate data in 4 related tables in access

    There are 4 tables in my database related each other using a primary key. I want to validate whether these 4 tables have data before processing. I create a button and when this button is clicked data in these 4 tables are processed and generate a report. If in any of the underlying table has no data the processing is not done. In this case I want to inform the user in which table has no data and asked to enter data in it. I want to display a message for the same. But Iam not fully succeeded in making the perfect code for the same. Will any one help me with a sample code.

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    Please post
    -a copy of your relationships window (tables and relationships) showing all fields in each table, and
    -the current validation code you have.

    Preferably post a copy of your database in zip format.

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    Get a record count of each,then alert user or run

    t1= dcount(....)
    t2= dcount(.....)

    if t1 =0 then MsgBox "table1 has no data"

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    Thank you for the help. The Dcount is used by me. But if all the three tables have no data all the 4 messages appeared simultaneously. I want to appear the second message after the user has given time to rectify the defect pointed out in the first message so on. How can I achieve it. So many ways are tried but vain. Please give me a sample code to achieve the same.

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    You could try putting the line DoEvents after each message box to give the processor time to complete each task.

    However I would suggest doing all 4 DCount checks and building up a text string for one message
    Air code....

    Dim strText as String
    StrText="" 'not really needed here
    If DCount(for table 1.....)=0 Then strText =.......
    If DCount(for table 2 ....)=0 Then strText = strText & vbCrLf & ......
    If strText<>"" Then MsgBox strText, vbExclamation, "Missing data"
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