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    Error: Could not find field

    Hello -

    I've seen similar issues posted elsewhere, but none of the solutions have worked for me. I linked a SharePoint list to Access to serve as a UI for updating the list. From the linked table, I created queries to show the information different groups would need to update, then created forms for each group. As far as I could tell, everything seemed to work as expected while the database was on my hard drive. However, when I loaded it to the SharePoint site where I planned to store it for general access, random items started throwing a "Could not find field" error when users would attempt to change them. I checked all the data types and they all seem to be in order. I refreshed the table link and even created an entirely new database. I'm at a loss as to what could be causing this to happen - there doesn't appear to be any real logic behind which records throw the error. Can anyone help? I'm quite new to Access, so I hope this is just something obvious I'm missing.


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    I have no idea about sharepoint. Are you preparing your own sql statements for the data transactions?

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    When you put an Access table into SP as a list, the data types can get messed up. Check to make sure they are identical.
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    I am also using SharePoint as a backend to Access. Had the "Could Not Find Field" error as well. Discovered that the field, Social Security Number, was limited to 11 characters in SharePoint (nine digits plus dashes). I was using the append query to add in records imported from Excel into a temp front end table. One of the SSNs had a leading space, making it 12 characters in length. Once fixed that, the query worked fine.

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    That is why I use Trim() a lot?
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