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    Moderator: Timing of Thread Notifications?

    If I respond to a thread, how long from the save click before the forum sends a notification email to all who are subscribed to that thread? I'm asking because there's no forced "edit" flag after an edit (as for example as there is at Mr. Excel). Is there a time lag between that save and the email, such that if I make a minor correction before that time has elapsed, the corrected text and the answer sent in the email is the same? If there is a lag, how long is it, on average?

    Or will the initial save be what goes into the email regardless of how fast I make a correction? I find the other forum's method odd seeing as how they don't send the answer text anyway, yet they do have a time limit for editing.

    Guess what? I ended doing exactly what I'm talking about so I could add the last sentence as an afterthought, but it wasn't a planned thing.
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    I don't know the answer, perhaps someone will respond.
    When I create a post and save, I assume the post is saved at that time and whatever email notification occurs behind the scenes--just occurs. If I see a spelling or grammar issue, I will edit my post and re-save. I sometimes will create a post/response and then further investigate (google etc and find additional info)--I will edit that previously saved post, add the new info and re-save.
    I am saving this response at 4:05 EDT.

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    I believe Matrix is the only one here that can answer Micron's original question.
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    I know from experience (sometimes bitter!) that notification emails are sent very soon if not immediately after posting.
    So its basically too late to prevent others reading your unedited post via email.

    Different forums do seem to adopt different approaches
    I believe this forum allows edits but not deletions even after someone replies.
    By contrast AWF even allow subsequent deletions whereas UA doesn't let you edit at all (if my memory is correct as I'm no longer a UA member)
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    The time limit of editing a post/thread title is 24 hours.

    The time to show "edited by..." is two hours.

    The notification emails are instant, but if there are many emails to be sent, the forum will schedule them for performance, but it should be sent out within minutes.

    No matter how fast you edit a post, the emails always send the same content from the first save since the emails have been either sent or in the queue the moment after you click the submit button.

    Unless we only send the thread link without post content, we can't control the email delay or alter the content. If we only send the link, many may find it inconvenient.

    Besides the disadvantages mentioned in OP, another big drawback of sending post content is that, e.g.
    You receive a notification email, you read it and decide not to reply, you forget about it or wait for further notifications, but if you don't visit the forum, the forum won't send further notification emails. This can be a big disadvantage for a Q&A forum with many one-time posters.

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    No matter how fast you edit a post, the emails always send the same content from the first save
    Thanks! I will keep that in mind. I agree, the post content is preferable.

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