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    Auto populating Form controls

    I know this has been discussed in other threads but I'm having trouble following some of them or getting solutions discussed in them to work for my situation.

    I'm new to Access, working on developing a database for the company I work for, and of course I'll be honest and say there could be a possibility that problems I'm encountering might be due to normalization issues that I just haven't grasped yet.

    HOWEVER, I'm going to assume that I've done most things right until now and ask for help with this. For part of the database I have a couple of forms set up for the Employees. One for all the Employee information to be entered, another for a Time Sheet that they will use to enter their hours, info on the jobs, etc.

    I'm trying to get it where there's a combo box on the time sheet, you pull down and select a name, and the Employee txt control right below that populates with the respective employee number. To get the employee's full name (they are entered in seperate fields first and last on the employee form) I made a query to pull their full name and the employee number related. I was hoping to get what I needed for this process from that query. I've tried to figure it out with a macro and reading through some code recommendations, but I just don't follow.

    Let me know what I'm doing wrong, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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    If your form has a "Record Source" property value (usually a table or query) and each field has a "Control Source" property value (a column in the specified table/query), then related fields should update.

    If ListBox1 has a control source of EmployeeID and TextBox1 has a control source of EmployeeName, the TextBox should update when you change the selected value of ListBox1. You'll want to disable and lock the TextBox, since you probably don't want users editing the employee name through this form.

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