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    Get a textbox to return the max number contained in a table

    Ok I have a Job Form who use a table with those field


    No is the number the user see and is entered manually and is a String cause it can be appended with letters...
    What i want is when the user create a new Job my field for No gets automaticly the highest number from tbl_Job.No even though it's string... and might contain letters...

    I don't know if it helps but the first 5 char of the strings are always the number, the letters come after

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    I don't think you can do that, because domain functions look up the whole field, but you can use a query to store the numbers and then use a domain function:

    query sql:
    select clng(left([field], 5)) 
    then on the form with the ON CURRENT event, write something like this in the code:
    if me.newrecord then
    .textboxname dmax("queryfield""queryname")
    end if 

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    thx it works !

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