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    Record-level Locking is locking other records


    I have a multi-user database (about six users), split with the back end on a network server, front end on each user's machine. Only one form is used by most users. Occasionally User 1 will be editing a record, and when User 2 tries to edit a different record, gets an error message that the record is locked. As soon as User 1 saves the record, the other record is unlocked.

    The form is set for Record Locks = Edited Record. Default Record Locking = Edited Record and "Open databases by using record-level locking" = True in both FE and BE.

    Running Access 2016, 2007-2016 file format.

    Any suggestions?



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    change the form property to: No Locks

    the lock management will be adequately managed by the back end file.

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    I agree! I twenty years I've never found the need to apply locking.

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    Open databases by using record-level locking"
    But what is the "Default Record Level Locking" Option in Client Settings? You might have "all records" selected.
    Seems like you are getting page level locking regardless (2Kb DAO 3.5; 4Kb DAO 4.0 I believe). If you are really concerned about those cryptic messages when 2 or more users try to edit the same record, then you might have to resort to code. I haven't done this, so I don't know if the Dirty property extends to subsequent users who navigate to a record that someone else might be editing. One way I've read to check the state of a record is to attempt rs.Edit, rs.MoveNext, then rs.MovePrevious on a form's recordset clone. Not sure why the moves are done, or if that was a continuous or datasheet type of form. I said "might" because if there are record selectors, the locked symbol appears, does it not?
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