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    Splitting databases and editing it afterwards

    Hi All

    So am am chuffed with myself because I built my first ever working database, split it, distributed the front end to all the users and everything seems to work perfectly (saving the data to the back end and all)

    I now need to make a few changes on the database. I already know that I will need to distribute a new front end to all but want to check a few things before I do something and mess up the entire database ...

    1. The database back end and original front end is sitting on a server. Can I save copies on my PC to work on (because working on the server makes everything slow) and then afterwards just drop it back on the server? Or is this going to cause the linked address to change when I move it on and back onto the server?
    2. Will I be able to change fields in the tables e.g. correct spelling mistakes of field names and then just replace this fields on the forms or is this going to cause problems because the database is already split?

    Sorry for the stupid questions. I learnt a few hard lessons building up this database and just really can't cope with it crashing at this stage hahaha

    Is there anything else important I need to know when updating the database after it has been split?


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    you can copy the netwk table to your pc. then you must relink to the local copy.
    make your table changes, then put the table back on the server. This will not affect anyone... UNLESS you changed the name of an exiting field.
    which doesnt work, since you now have an out of sync copy of data, if users are still using the netwk copy.
    unless you stopped users from getting to the data.

    if not, you must alter your local copy,
    then alter the network copy to keep the data intact on the server.

    any added field will not show for them , until they get your new FE update.

    but remember to link back to the network path on YOUR FE, or you will distribute the wrong links to everyone.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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