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    Driver Paperwork/Truck DataBase

    Hello All,

    So I have been given the task of tracking driver's paperwork and the trucks they are assign to. Here is my plan for the database.

    DVIR's and Driver Logs pose a problem to me because they have individual dated but we group them by week ending dates. I am not sure how to handle that. The DVIR's have a relationship to trucks and drivers.

    I need to report on trucks, their status, and if they are assigned or not.

    I also need to be able to give warning to the office in advance of when a driver's med card or license is about to expire

    Timesheets, DVIR's, and Driver logs have to be turned in once a week. I then have to scan them and send them to the office. Plus, I need to know what i received, missing, and also what I have returned and why. I also need to be able to print a driver roster for turn in showing the drivers and what they turned in.

    Any help would be great before I start down this rabbit hole

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    A couple of remarks.

    There is info for employee, which must be elsewhere:
    TruckID - an employee can drive different trucks over time;
    TimesheetID - timesheet is created weekly, so you have a lot of timesheets for employee over time;
    MedcardID - again when medcard expires, a new one is needed;
    I don't understand, what is DVIR and what items are returned to it, but it looks again like something which must have a lot of separate rows of info per employee.

    You have to think carefully through, how you link employees/drivers and trucks. When the truck is given to driver for longer time, then probably you need a DriverTrucks table with DriverID, TruckID, and ValidFrom date. When the driver and truck are assigned for particular transport only, then DriverID and TruckID must be included into table where those transports are registered.

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    make a query on truck status, if tTrucks.DriverID is null, then the truck is unassigned

    make a query on tEmployees joined to tMedcards
    in the query field, check if card has 20 days remaining: DateDiff("d", tMedcards.ExpireDate ,Date) < 20

    for scanned images, I would have a folder to store them, then paste the path to the image in a table. (storing the image fills up the database too fast)
    I use tDocuments table:
    DocID (auto)
    DocName ("Drivers License")
    DocPath (c:\folder\docs\myfile.pdf)

    there is code to open the document from within Access.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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